Out training near Southampton with the F101, hitting our highest recorded speed upwind at 14 kts and our highest recorded speed offwind at 23 kts #Foiling101 

Foiling 101 action footage camera flyover #Foiling101
F101 foiling with two people #Foiling101
Hyde Sails joined us for a fun day trying out the new foiling F101! #Foiling101 #HydeSails
We encountered a school of Oppie's during today's f101 testing session! #foiling101
One of the advantages of the F101 is that you can go foiling with 2 people, enabling sailors to that their friends, partners and kids out foiling to join in with the fun! #foiling101
F101 is making it easier than ever to get out on the water and learn to foil #foiling101
A beautiful day out foiling with the F101 #foiling101
Since the F101 was first launched we have been doing extensive testing which went a little something like this! #foiling101